Biblioteca Judeţeană „G. T. Kirileanu” Neamţ

G.T. Kirileanu’ Neamț County Library is a public cultural institution, subordinated to Neamt County Council, serving the community through its central headquarters and 4 branches. The Library has an encyclopedic profile and provides access to the collections, database and other specific information sources, for the educational or leisure purposes. Being a public library its activity includes research, aquiring, thesaurizing, preserving, restoring and valorising its collections. It also plays a formative role for the county’s libraries. Structure: ‘Mihail Sadoveanu’ Adult and Young Adult Book Section (50.000 volumes); ‘Ion Creanga’ Children Book Section and Ludotheque (32.000 volumes); ‘Victor Brauner’ Book and Multimedia Section (25.000 library items); ‘G.T. Kirileanu’ Documentary Fund (30.000 volumes); Community Information Center and Legal Deposit; Foreign Languages Book Branch (13.000 library items); ‘Aurel Dumitrascu’ Reading Hall (over 73.000 library items); ‘Dumitru Almas’ Branch (20.000 volumes); ‘Vasile Conta’ Branch (38.000 library items); Speranţa - borrow and reading point (4.000 volumes); Training Center. During one year of activity, e.g. 2019,. the library registered 11.425 beneficiaries, 41.110 participants to cultural events, 217.129 physical visits, 1.057.429 remote visits and 1.689 cultural events. In the same time there have been organized on the one hand, children and young adults workshops (creative writing, drawing, quilling, coding, robotics etc) and on the other, adults clubs ( debates, book launches, art exhibitions, digital literacy and storytelling classes, foreign languages learning etc). Due to the increased demand for digital resources, the Library is currently in an ongoing process of digitalising more of its library items and making them available through the Virtual Library.