Interland: avventure digitali. In viaggio col nonno alla scoperta del Web [Interland: digital adventures. Travelling with Granpa at the discorvery of the World Wide Web] A sub-product of the Google’ initiative: “Vivi Internet, al meglio!” [experience the internet, at its best]

Country: ITALY


Online manual


The manual has been published in 2021, but we have first records of joint initiatives since 2017 with easy cybersecurity tutorial (i.e., how to create a safe password)


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•    Mondo Digitale
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With the collaboration as well of ANTEAS (Associazione Nazionale Tutte le Età Attive per la Solidarietà), Generazioni Connesse – Safer Internet Centre, Telefono Azzurro, AIF (Associazioni Italiana Formatori [Italian Educators Associations])


Educate citizens on:
•    Common sense in the use of Internet (i.e., “smart” use of IT devices and social medias, understanding the concept of online reputation, etc.)
•    Distinguishing what is true from what is fake
•    The implications and good practices for online privacy, security and personal data
•    Social responsible use of the Internet
•    An “open dialogue” attitude towards whatever content might surface from the Internet, with specific reference to children’s online safety and mental well-being


The “Vivi Internet, al meglio!” initiative comes with numerous online resources dedicated to children, young adults, parents, educators, and more in general, people that is approaching to the internet for the first time in their life. The initiatives touch base on the very essentials of digital and internet literacy providing for online resources that can help digital tardive in better understanding how to surf the web in total safety for them and the others


Digital and internet illiterate – from children to seniors – with dedicated resources for educator and teachers focused on digital civic education

Short Description

The manual is very cartoonish in style, in typical google fashion. Nonetheless, very catchy and appealing in graphics, visuals and overall aesthetics. The Journey through the “Interland” of this granpa and his two nephews is a metaphor that symbolize the first Internet experience of someone that never related with the WWW before.

Interland includes five main landscapes, one for each of the five key principles for a safe and responsible browsing experience:

• Mount Responsible, for the use of common sense
• Reality River, for critical thinking and judgement
• Gentle Kingdom, for a socially responsible use
• Treasure Tower, for open and transparent communication


The official metric reported by Repubblica Digital (the Ministry of Innovation and diital transition’s strategy for people’s digital empowerment) gives just indication of “number of people involved”. As we speak, that are no stats available on this.

As an alternative to official stats, we can look into the search frequency of “Internald” in the GOOGLE engines for the last 12 months:


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