Fact bar – Faktabaari in Finnish

Country: FINLAND

Place: Helsinki, Finland

Period/duration: 2014 – 2022 (present)


Avoin Yhteiskunta ry, an NGO


- to fact-check digital information
- to promote fact-based information circulation with innovative projects
- to develop media and information literacy project Faktabaari EDU, building on fact-checking with voter literacy campaigns and development of information literacy


- all national and European Parliamentary election debates with academically acclaimed quality and transparency standards. It adheres also to the Finnish ethical code for journalists.
- Faktabaari Editor includes professional journalists, researchers, EU experts, teachers and technical specialists supported by a broader community of topic experts, as well as information and media literacy specialists

Short Description

Fact bar or Faktabaari is a Finnish fact-checking and digital information literacy service. It has contributed to fact-checking in various projects. It is managed by a registered Finnish-non-profit transparency NGO called Avoin Yhteiskunta ry. Faktabaari has an extensive national and international network and has catalyzed multiple joint actions to tackle information disorders within IFCN, EDMO and it cooperates nationally with many organisations.