Media Literacy

Objectives and Goals

Media literacy is related to promote citizenship and democracy, fostering audiovisual heritage, encouraging development of cultural identity, empowerment of people and protecting copyright issues, and this definition covers various media communication forms, platforms, and types of content such as television, radio, film, etc. 

Browsing, searching and filtering information & digital content

Objectives and Goals

⮚ Apply tips and hacks to search and filter more easily digital information and how to streamline the browsing process
⮚ Articulate, search, access and create personal search strategies and make use of “manual” and chat-bot based resources  

Evaluating data, information and digital content

Objectives and Goals

⮚   Familiarize with practical methods for evaluation of digital data and content… and know-how for their implementation
⮚   Get the essentials of evaluating data, information and digital content and acquire the fundamentals of this competence.

Engaging citizenship through digital technologies

Objectives and Goals

At the end of this module you will be able to: ⮚  Understand what digital citizenship stands for and what are its key defining element ⮚  Embrace a framework for development of digital citizenship competences and democratic participation in civil society

Entertainment and culture in the digital space

Objectives and Goals

⮚    Introduce to various forms of digital technologies for entertainment and cultural enrichment.
⮚    Explore the Interactive with digital technologies from DigComp 2.2, focusing on its applicability in the fields of entertainment and culture
⮚    Teach how to interact with digital technologies for entertainment and cultural purposes
⮚    Help to develop skills and confidence in using digital technologies for cultural and entertainment experiences
⮚    Encourage to explore and engage with cultural and entertainment experiences through digital technologies

Digital content creation: a practical guide

Objectives and Goals

⮚  Promote culture, correct information and critical thinking through content creation
⮚  Explain the different types of digital content and the tools that can help with their development
⮚  Discuss the main platforms where to publish content and the existing free tools to develop them
⮚   Discuss the potentiality of audio content and podcasts, and how to develop them

Protecting the environment

Objectives and Goals

⮚    Explore the PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT competence of Digicomp 2.2.
⮚   Analyse the impact of Digital Pollution.
⮚    Provide tools to acquire skills to use digital tools in an environmentally friendly way.

Preventing and recognizing fake news

Objectives and Goals

The goal of this module is to support learners become more informed and critical consumers of news and information, better equipped to navigate the complex landscape of online media and distinguish between credible and unreliable sources by addressing two relevant DigComp 2.2. competences, respectively 1.2. Evaluating Data, Information and Digital Content and 5.4. Identifying digital competence gaps.

Protecting health and well-being of digital environments and cyberbullying

Objectives and Goals

This module introduces concepts of safety, health and well-being of the use of digital and technological environments. In addition, the module focuses on the importance of use of digital and technological environments and how to avoid non-use of some digital and social media environments.

Creatively using digital technology

Objectives and Goals

The objectives of this course are:
⮚ develop the competence of creatively using digital technologies;
⮚ select digital tools and technologies that can be used to create well-defined knowledge and well-defined innovative processes and products 
⮚ engage individually and collectively in some cognitive processing to understand and resolve well-defined and routine conceptual problems and problem situations in digital environments.

How to quit with social media

How to remove a Tik Tok profile

How to remove an Instagram profile

How to remove a Twitter profile

How to remove a Facebook profile