Käsikirjan tavoitteena on asteittain poistaa käyttäjät sosiaalisesta mediasta. Se on käyttäjäystävällinen ja "houkutteleva" opas, joka sisältää käsikirjan ja vinkkejä sosiaalisesta mediasta poistumiseen. Käsikirjan tavoitteena on rajoittaa ja vähentää sosiaalisessa mediassa vietettyä aikaa ja edistää oikeampaa navigointia.


The 'Vademecum for Slow Navigation' provides an in-depth exploration of mindful digital practices and offers a roadmap for recalibrating individuals' interactions within the digital sphere. This comprehensive guide is divided into a series of sections, each addressing different aspects of mindful online engagement, with the aim of mitigating the negative effects of excessive screen time and promoting a more balanced and mindful digital lifestyle.

Beginning with "Understanding Slow Navigation", the document explains the benefits of mindful internet use, advocating for reduced screen time and promoting conscious interactions in the digital realm.

"Mindful Social Media Usage" unravels the consequences of unchecked social media addiction, highlighting societal shifts and presenting strategies for mindful engagement to mitigate detrimental effects.

"Practising Digital Detox" explores the rationale behind regular disconnection from the digital world, advocating screen-free intervals and suggesting healthy offline pursuits.

Going further, "The Dangers of Social Media Addiction" dissects the psychological toll of social media addiction and uncovers the underlying mechanisms that drive compulsive behaviours.

"Setting Intentions for Social Media Usage" emphasises the finite nature of attention and intention, encouraging conscious habits for a healthier digital routine.

"Balancing Online and Offline Life" advocates a balance between digital and physical activities, stressing the importance of integrating offline activities into daily routines.

'Time Management Techniques for Online Activities' highlights the detrimental effects of prolonged screen time and advocates consciously considering both the quantity and quality of time spent in front of digital devices.

“Navigating Information Overload" addresses the challenge of managing the abundance of online information and discusses strategies for effectively navigating and filtering relevant data.

"Embracing Offline Activities" emphasises the importance of cultivating offline hobbies, prioritising face-to-face interactions and self-care for holistic well-being. Finally, "Assessing Your Current Habits" outlines steps for self-assessing online behaviour and helps set clear goals for responsible internet use through a comprehensive questionnaire. This document serves as an indispensable guide, empowering individuals to navigate the digital landscape mindfully, fostering a harmonious balance between online engagement and offline well-being.